Pit Barrier

Pit Barrier

When putting on an event or festival that will have performers, it’s essential that you have some kind of barrier to separate them from event-goers. Pit barriers provide the perfect separation between stage and crowd, preventing the two from meeting. Pit barriers are designed specifically to create the divide between stage and crowd and are well-suited to preventing injury and creating necessary space.

Need to stop audience members getting on stage and create a space for security and medical personnel to safely operate in? Securifence UK’s pit barriers give you exactly that providing a sturdy solution that protects both performers, audience members and event staff. With over 20 years’ experience supplying pit barriers and other forms of crowd control to events all over the UK, you can rest assured our products will help make your event safer. Get in touch today and a representative will give you a free pit barrier hire quote. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to get one now.

What are the benefits of pit barrier hire?

Pit barriers are a tried and tested form of separation to create space and distance between stage and crowd. Prior to the development of pit barriers in the 1980s, less sturdy cowgate barriers were typically used in the front of stage area. These were not ideal as they were fairly easy to tip over and so could result in injury or the stage being breached if there was a crowd surge.

With pit barriers, however, there are several features in place to prevent the issues that were found to occur with cowgate barriers. They have a base plate on the audience’s side, which is actually stood on by people at the front of the crowd. This creates a counter-balance with the weight of the crowd stopping the barriers from tipping over and creating an unsafe situation.

On the other side of pit barriers there is another step for security staff to use in order to intervene if there are any problems in the front of the audience. With the use of the so called ‘police step’, security is able to break up fights, assist if someone is stuck and stop people from trying to climb over.

Use of pit barriers also allows you to create an essential space between the front of the crowd and the stage. This is somewhere that crew members, press, security and medical personnel can work safely. This additional space makes it even more difficult for event-goers to get on stage and adds extra safety for performers.

In many instances, you will need pit or mojo barriers to comply with health and safety regulations.

Why hire pit barriers from Securifence?

Securifence UK has over 20 years’ experience supplying events and festivals all over the UK with pit barriers and other products to make projects safer and more well-organised. So you can rest assured we know what we’re doing when it comes to supplying your event. The knowledge we have gained over decades helps us advise you on the best choices for security at your event. If you don’t know exactly what barriers or fencing you need in place to make your event a success, we are more than happy to use our expertise to help you get the best products.

We make sure to always keep a large stock of pit barriers and other crowd control products. This allows us to supply you even at short notice. For further flexibility, we also have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, meaning we don’t have to rely on a third party to get your order to you. So we can let you know exactly when to expect your order and you can plan around it.

All of our products including pit barriers are available for ‘dry hire’ or ‘fully-serviced hire’ depending on your requirements. ‘Dry hire’ is ideal if you’re looking to cut down costs and already have suitably-trained staff, as all you get is the product delivered. ‘Fully-serviced hire’ means we take care of absolutely everything for you from delivery to installation, de-rigging and the removal of items once your event has finished.

Make your guests, staff and performers safer with pit barrier hire. Get in touch with Securifence UK to get a free pit barrier hire quote for your event or festival. We deliver all over the UK, so wherever you are hosting proceedings, we can help. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to speak to a representative now.

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