Picket Fencing

Picket Fence

All kinds of outdoor and indoor events require fencing to separate areas, show guests where to go and keep people out of places they shouldn’t. For certain events standard fencing doesn’t fit the aesthetic. Metal fencing may leave your event looking like an unwelcoming building site.  Picket fencing, however, allows you to create a cosy, homely environment while still separating areas and restricting access.

Want to improve the appearance of your event and separate different areas? Securifence UK’s temporary picket fencing hire gives your event a quaint appearance while also creating a barrier stopping unauthorised entry and improving organisation. With over 20 years’ experience supplying picket fencing and other products to events all over the UK, Securifence UK is well-equipped to help make your event a success. Get in touch today and a representative will give you a picket fencing hire quote for your project. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to get one now.

What are the benefits of picket fencing hire?

The main reason for having any kind of fencing at your event is to create barriers. Depending on their location within your event, these barriers could simply be to section off different areas or to stop unauthorised entry or create privacy.

Picket fencing is ideal for areas within your event or festival that need to be made separate, but don’t require as much security as provided by heras fencing. What picket fencing (or ‘palisade fencing’) lacks in security, it more than makes up for in attractiveness. Creating a perimeter with picket fencing makes for a friendly appearance bringing to mind the gentle border of a garden rather than the harsh boundary of a building site.

Securifence UK’s portable picket fencing is freestanding so can be used on any surface. Other picket fencing usually needs to be staked into the ground, so is extremely limited in where it can be used. Freestanding picket fencing means you can achieve a quaint, homely aesthetic even on hard surfaces.

Picket fencing is perfect for seasonal events such as Santa’s grottos.

Why hire picket fencing from Securifence?

Securifence UK has more than 20 years’ experience supplying picket fencing and other items to events and festivals all over the UK. So you can rest easy knowing our products are a good match for your event. Our knowledge gained through experience helps us recommend the best solutions for your event. If you’re unsure exactly what provisions you need to make your event more secure, we can draw on past experience to work out the best products for you.

We always make sure to keep a large stock of picket fencing and other event items. This means that we’re able to supply you with whatever you need even at short notice. To make us even more flexible, we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles. So, we can let you know exactly when to expect your items and you can plan more efficiently.

Our picket fencing and all other items are available either for ‘dry hire’ or ‘fully-serviced hire’. ‘Dry hire’ is the product delivered on its own ideal for cutting costs if you have team members with the required expertise to set everything up. ‘Fully-serviced hire’ is us taking care of everything for you including delivery, installation, de-rigging and removal of any items when your event has finished.

Create barriers and improve organisation at your event while maintaining an attractive appearance with picket fencing hire. Get in touch with Securifence UK today to get a free picket fencing hire quote for your event or festival. We deliver all over the UK, so wherever you’re putting on an event, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to speak to someone now.

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