Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd control is a necessary part of any event. Security and privacy are things which should be at the front of your mind when planning an event. Without a system in place to provide these, not only do you risk your event not being a success, but also put your guests and staff at risk. By having adequate crowd control barriers at your event, you create a safe environment, which is the first step to your guests enjoying themselves and making things a success.

Do you need to hire crowd control barriers to make your event safe and improve organisation? With Securifence UK’s crowd control barriers you get robust barriers that aid queueing and stop guests going where they shouldn’t. Securifence UK has over 20 years’ experience supplying crowd control barriers and other products to events all over the UK (some have even made it as far as California). Get in touch today and one of our friendly staff members will give you a free crowd control barrier quote for your project. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to get one now.

Why do you need crowd control barriers?

If you’re holding an outdoor event likely to draw a large crowd, you will need crowd control barriers for crowd protection and management. Events ranging from festivals to demonstrations and more can benefit from the added organisation of crowd control barriers.

With crowd control systems in place you are able to clearly mark out where guests are supposed to go. You can make certain areas off limits, or control the flow of people to make queuing to get into certain areas or the event itself more orderly. When used for entry to the event, crowd control barriers let you stop everyone getting in at once so you can ensure everyone has paid if needs be. It also allows you to run any checks that may be necessary to stop guests entering with items that aren’t allowed.

When putting on a festival there are normally different sections to the festival site to accommodate different acts performing at the same time. With crowd control barriers you are able to clearly mark out these separate areas, as well as create pathways to them to make it easier for guests to move between areas.

Crowd control barriers are also important in ensuring the safety of performers and acts at your events. Event-goers can be unpredictable at times, and without something to stop them getting on stage, they could disrupt proceedings and potentially harm performers. With a suitable crowd control barrier system in place, you can avoid this possibility.

Why get crowd control barriers from Securifence?

Securifence has over 20 years’ experience supplying crowd control barriers and similar products to events all over the UK. So you can rest assured our products are more than fit-for-purpose. Our experience supplying events and festivals means we’re also able to help you work out the best fencing or barrier solution for your project. Even if you don’t know exactly what you need, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best products for your situation.

We make sure to keep a large stock of crowd control barriers and other products, so we can supply you even at short notice. For even more flexibility we have our own fleet of vehicles to deliver everything ourselves. This means you’ll know exactly when to expect your order and can better organise as a result.

Crowd control barriers can be delivered manufactured from fabricated steel for extra strength, or in rigid plastic when ease of deployment and appearance are most important.

To make things even easier, our delivery trucks also come with Manitou Forklifts, so you don’t have to spend more hiring plant or getting forklift extensions. All Securifence UK products are available for ‘dry hire’ which is just the product delivered if you’re looking to save money. Alternatively, if you want everything taken care of you can go for the ‘fully-serviced’ option which includes delivery, installation, de-rigging and removing all the equipment from site when it’s no longer needed.

Stay on top of crowd management. Get in touch with Securifence UK to find out how crowd control barrier hire can improve the organisation and safety of your event. We deliver crowd control and fencing all over the UK, so wherever you are we can help. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to speak to one of our representatives now.

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