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Crowd Control Barriers, Pedestrian Barriers, Car Park Barrier, Police Barrier… Call it what you will, pedestrian barriers can be found at public events of any real size. Commonly to be seen at events where large crowds accumulate – typically outdoor festivals, sporting events and demonstrations – they are vital for crowd protection and are regularly used by event organizers, security staff and venue managers as part of their general crowd management plans.

Securifence can supply Crowd Control Barriers for hire at your UK based event, simply contact us today to discuss your hire needs today on 01989 720 588.

Whilst mainly used as a physical boundary, crowd control barriers also act as a psychological barrier too, indicating that they are a boundary to ‘no access’ and protected zones. Because of their strength and design, they are also used to control large gatherings by police and other security personnel.

To ensure that they provide adequate protection, crowd control barriers are usually constructed from fabricated steel, although some types of rigid plastic materials are sometimes used, both for aesthetic effect and ease of erection.

Crowd control barriers work best when they interlock, because by being attached to each other this adds to their strength and help to make the sections more solid, secure lines, reducing the potential for them being overturned.

These barriers are perfect for rapid deployment and ideally indicate where the ‘no-go’ areas are for any gathering and are a cost-effective hire option enabling you to quickly protect large areas.

Low level barrier fencing is mainly used to create a temporary perimeter as well as having a variety of other uses within events and venues.

This type of fencing is well-suited for providing secure dividers at all sorts of events and is almost always to be found at the largest outdoor festivals and events.

Because this type of barrier is quick to put up, it is the perfect solution for parks and regularly pedestrianised areas, minimising the disruptive effects that might be difficult to absorb.

Each panel is made from a steel frame clad in plastic coated steel sheet, providing zero visibility to protect both privacy and security at the same time.

Such proprietary products as Heras and Steelshield have evolved over the last 20 years to the strong, lightweight low level barrier fencing products readily available today.

We can provide all market leading products, erect and maintain them to exacting standards at all times.

For more information or to crowd control barriers for your UK event contact Securifence today on 01989 720588.

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