Anti Climb Fencing

Anti-Climb Fencing

There are various situations in which you’ll want to keep people out of certain areas whether it’s for their safety or to protect equipment. Events, construction sites and more will need something to designate areas that only authorised people are allowed to enter. Without having something in place to prevent access and protect any important equipment, you leave yourself open to thieves, vandals and people looking to disrupt your event. With heras fencing you gain an effective deterrent to unwanted entry.

Are you looking for anti-climb fencing hire to make your event or site safer? With Securifence UK’s anti-climb panel fencing you can provide a visual and physical deterrent to would-be trespassers and thieves, making for a safer environment for event-goers and expensive equipment alike. Securifence UK has over 20 years’ experience supplying events in the UK (some of our products have even made it as far as California). Get in touch today and one of our friendly staff will give you a free heras fencing quote. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to get one now.

Why do you need anti-climb fencing?

Anti-climb fencing is most commonly associated with construction sites, where it’s used to provide demarcation as well as stop unauthorised entry. However, it’s more versatile than this and can be applied in a number of different situations including as event fencing hire for instances such as festivals, sporting events and anything that requires you to keep people out.

GS7 fencing is the most commonly supplied and is made from robust open mesh welded to tubular steel frames making it resistant to damage and difficult to get through. This sturdy fencing is further reinforced by a heavy rubber or concrete base, with metal couplings to join panels together creating additional security.

Whether you need anti-climb fencing hire for an event or a construction site, it’s often a necessity. At events having a barrier, such as temporary metal fencing, in place stops people that aren’t supposed to be there from getting in. This lets you ensure that only paying or invited customers get in and stops you missing out on revenue from people entering illegally. In the case of construction sites, building site fencing prevents unauthorised people from entering and disrupting work and also protects any valuable equipment you may have to leave on-site overnight.

Why get anti-climb fencing from Securifence?

Securifence UK has over 20 years’ experience providing fencing and other equipment to events in the UK. So you can guarantee we know what we’re doing. Our experience also means we’re able to help you work out the best products to keep your event or site safe. We won’t simply take your order, but listen to your requirements and recommend what our knowledge tells us is best for your scenario.

We make sure to keep a large stock of fencing and other products, so we’re able to supply you even with little notice. All of our products are delivered directly by us, giving us extra flexibility so we can let you know exactly when to expect your order so you can plan better.

Our anti-climb security panels are transported in packs of 32 in stillage frames. Our 13.6m artic trailers can carry 200 panels complete with rubber blocks, so we’re able to handle large orders without trouble. Transporting our fencing in stillages allows for it to be quickly and safely unloaded without making special preparations.

For extra convenience, our trucks also carry Manitou forklifts so you don't have to spend more money hiring plant or getting forklift extensions. All Securifence UK products are available for ‘ dry hire’ which is just the product delivered to save you money. Or fully-serviced so that everything is taken care of for you including delivery, installation, de-rigging and removing all the equipment from site when it’s no longer needed.

Make sure your event or site stays safe. Get in touch with Securifence UK today to find out how anti-climb fencing can help make your event or building project a success. We supply all over the UK, so wherever you are we can help. Give us a call on 01989 720588 to speak to one of our representatives now.

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